80sm/ Tamka, Warsw, Poland
white tiles + original brick 

February, 2019 (Work in progress)

Ślimak is a revolutionising the concept of fast food, going for healthy options and leading the way with the Fast Good concept. Ślimak is becoming more and more popular every day in Warsaw, its sell homemade cooked food for cheap prices. Ready packaged to take away or to eat on site, using our self-service system. 

At Ślimak you can find especially homemade dishes sushi, spaghetti, meat, potatoes, omelette and whatever you could imagine as a homemade meal. The food is encased on a plastic plate so, you just have to warm it 1 minute in the microwave and you’re done!

We were asked to design the first brand new place in Warsaw.  Lets see how it goes....