Marble Bistro

Okrzei 26, Warsaw, Poland
Terazzo Counter Bar + Gold Edges

200m2 Restaurant Renovation
June 2018

Studio Laas was contracted to convert a shop front store into a modern Bistro. Restaurant conversion had a modest budget, so we had to choose selectively key features to want to invest.
One of these custom features was in the entresol where we placed a staircase with a metal balustrade and wire glass walls that separated spaces.
The choice of architectural expanded metal was used as construction all shelves and lockers and created the main motif that contrasts with the central bar which consisted of terrazzo.
The same material was chosen for the tables tops and in the toilets for the basin. Additionally, to this, all the chairs, tables and seats have been custom designed by Studio Laas.
While walking into the restaurant just to the left of the entrance, and you can see a brass sheet installed, as also can be seen in the design of the wine glass rack above the bar which helps to unify the whole interior.