Edges of Marble

303 Dywizjonu, Warsaw, Poland 
Marble + Inner Island

Designer: Malgorzata Czajkowska | Dagna Badowska

75m2 Flat Renovation
2019 (Work in Progress) 

The flat was designed for a recent graduate who was open to new ideas. The aim was to keep the interior "clean, simple and bright”. Despite the small space we managed to create an unusual layout.
One of the ideas was the bedroom accessible from two places so that the flat can be circled. Additionally to enable access to natural light in the corridor the glass panel in the bathroom was applied.
The principal place of the flat is located on the terrace that has been extended and drawn into the flat. That unexpected space features a dining area and greenery-filled pots alongside the sofa.
The apartment has been finished with raw materials, and a concrete floor covering. Linen curtains provide touches of warmth alongside the windows as well as the timber teak finishing which accrues as a dining table and chairs and also full-height hidden sliding doors.